Ziauddin University laid the foundation of College of Medical Technology in 1998, which initially offered Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology (B.Sc. in MT). Since then, it has successfully enrolled sixteen batches but recognizing the growing challenges and the student’s requirement, Ziauddin University initiated the BS program in Medical Technology in March 2011 and to pace with modern techniques and knowledge Ziauddin will be commencing M.Phil/ MS program in Medical Technology this year.


 Technology plays an eminent role in today’s world. It is the need of almost every field. Similarly, the Medical Technology Industry has a significant role in the Healthcare sector. It functions on modern electronic medical devices that simplify the diagnosis, analyses and the treatment of diseases. Physicians, surgeons and pathologists rely on the skills and expertise of the medical technologists and therefore they have a responsibility of diagnosing, analyzing and reporting findings to the treating doctors.


The Medical Technology program in Ziauddin University strives to produce international standard professionals by imparting specific knowledge and skill based training.


The College Of Medical Technology, commits to bring forth excellent learning environment to the students in order to attain global competencies in the specialized fields of Medical Technology.

The Bachelor of Studies in Medical Technology Programme provides students with scientific and conceptual understanding of the specialized analyses. It aims to train, up skill and edify medical technologists by accrediting their clinical skills and providing in-depth training on clinical procedures, practices and management.


The Medical Technology Programme in Ziauddin University is continuously striving  to educate international standard  professionals by imparting specific knowledge, skill – based training, active clinical practicum in a disciplined environment to instill professional ethics for better global employment opportunities.