This programme is temporarily not available for 2022-23.

Associate Degree in Ultrasonography 2 Years Programme

What is sonography?

Sonography is a diagnostic medical test that uses high frequency sound waves also called ultrasound waves.

The test is often referred as ultrasound or sonogram.

Ultrasound or sonography produces pictures (Image) of inside of the body using sound waves.

This medical test is painless and it can be used to acquire image of lungs, heart (echocardiograph), abdomen, breast, female reproductive organs, fetus, blood vessels and other areas

Who is Sonographer?

A sonographer is a health care professional who specializes in the use of ultrasound imaging devices of produces diagnostic images he or she may be a radiographer or other health care professional who has understanding of details of human, physiology pathology and related.

The profession of sonography is diversion and expanded job utilization. They are well placed at hospital, diagnostic centers, field hospital, and motile diagnostic units and related.

A successful sonographer is founded on working with patient’s independent entity. He/ she must have strong ethical background that enjoys dealing with persons and people.

The associate degree program in medical technology ultrasonography is broad base that educates a student in two year duration. Foundation year consist on two semesters. It has active class room teaching to introduce to human and physical sciences along with language and professional grooming skills.

The second and final year also consist of two semesters which are focused on disease clinical education of ultrasonography. It includes dedicated course of ultrasound techniques, obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound and superficial structures of human body. An assisted clinical training and dedicated clinical practicum will prepare the successful candidate to produce sonographic images.

The associate degree program at Ziauddin University will provide directed teaching, assisted clinical training and extensive hands on experience at Dr. Ziauddin group of Hospitals located at Nazimabad, North Nazimabad, Keamari and Clifton. Our students will have the unique experience of teaching and clinical training under the same roof.

The professional responsibilities of sonographer will include patient handling, recording accurate patient history and preparing patient for ultrasound imaging. The core task will be to obtain diagnostic images using technical information. This information will be communicated to medical consultants/doctors.

The program has been developed after care full review of local, national and international requirements. The technical and clinical details are blended to produce well educated highly skilled professionally groomed and ethically sound ultra-sonographers.

Wish you a brilliant career ahead with Ziauddin University local and global.

Fee Structure

(For Academic Year 2020-21) Associate Degree MT Program


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility requirements for admission in Associate Degree in Ultrasonography 2 Years Programme

Associate Degree in Ultrasonography is a two year semester based program. Admissions are announced once a year. Candidate with minimum 45% marks in Pre-Medical and Medical Technology group from recognized board /authority are encouraged to apply.

A Level applicant is required to produce IBCC equivalence for enrollment in the program.

Merit is the prime criteria for selection i.e.:

  • SSC marks
  • HSSC marks
  • Interview marks

Assessment policies and procedure

Enrolled candidates are assessed and examined for theory and skills with periodic examinations. Continuous assessment is practiced incorporating multiple summative and formative assessments to measure the extent to which students have achieved the desired outcome. It includes continuous assessments, projects, portfolios, clinical practicum and competencies.

Weightage for the final examination

  • Attendance* 10%
  • Continuous assessments 40%
  • Final Examination 50%


Attendance in classes is mandatory
Attendance grid
0.75% marks per 10% attendance until 80%, I:e., for every 10% attendance, 0.75% marks will be awarded in that course up till 80% attendance . for example ;

  • For 80% attendance, 6 marks will be awarded for 80% attendance, 2% marks per 10% attendance will be awarded in that course. For example;
  • For 90% attendance: 8 marks
  • For 100% attendance: 10 marks