Certificate Course In Medical Technology 18 weeks

Ziauddin University offers certificate courses in the specialized fields in medical technology as a professional degree or for graduates, it adds to their continuous professional development. This course prepares students analyze, diagnose and treat specimen while working hands-on in their respective laboratory settings.

Programme Details

  • Total course duration: 16Weeks
  • Academic Teaching: 04 Months (16 Weeks)
  • Clinical Practicum: 5.5 Months (22 Weeks)

Essential Information

These certificate courses can help the graduate/postgraduate Medical Technology students to improve their credit hours in pursuit of higher education. Paradigm shift from annual system to semester system has raised the importance of credit hours for further studies. As per HEC, students graduated from annual system can be granted maximum of 50 credit hours for MSc, making a total of 80 credit hours. However, eligibility requirement for M.Phil is 124 credit hours (as per HEC). Therefore, postgraduate students of Medical Technology from annual system lack 44 credit hours in pursuit of further studies, which can be compensated by these certificate courses.

Teaching And Learning Strategies

Ziauddin University, College of Medical Technology promotes culturally inclusive, impelling and constructive learning environment giving specific consideration to student’s own psychological and sensory status and recognizing, nurturing and developing one’s strength to foster the learning process and positive interaction among the peers, groups and stimulates independence to meet the challenges of the real world. Subsequently, explicit and structure teaching is practiced and supported by audio and visual materials installed in each classroom. A contemporary practice such as blended learning, flipped classroom, and facilitation is provided meeting the course requirement of the programme. The brightest feature of college of medical technology is that academic block and clinical laboratories are under the same roof which reinforces learning by implementing teaching examples in real time cases. Finally, at the end of each semester, students are posted in Ziauddin Hospital to implement their knowledge and upgrade their skills.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission Policy

F.Sc. Pre-medical /B.Sc biological sciences with three years of lab expenses
-BSc Medical Technology
-MSc Medical Technology

Assessment Policies And Procedure

Enrolled candidates are assessed and examined for theory and skills with periodic examinations. Continuous assessment is practiced incorporating multiple summative and formative assessments to measure the extent to which students have achieved the desire outcome. It includes mid-terms, projects, portfolios, clinical practicum and competencies.

Weightage For The Final Examination

  • Attendance* 10%
  • Continuous assessments 40%
  • Final Examination 50%


Attendance in classes is mandatory
Attendance grid
0.75% marks per 10% attendance until 80%, I:e., for every 10% attendance, 0.75% marks will be awarded in that course up till 80% attendance for example ;

  • For 80% attendance, 6 marks will be awarded for 80% attendance, 2% marks per 10% attendance will be awarded in that course. For example;
  • For 90% attendance: 8 marks
  • For 100% attendance: 10 marks

Fee Structure

Tuition fee of Rs.8,000/- will be charged for each Theory course.
Tuition fee of Rs. 8,000/- will be charges for each Practical course.
One “Credit Hour” of theory course means teaching for at least one hour each week throughout the semester for 16 weeks i.e. 16 classes in one semester.
One “Credit Hour” in laboratory or practical work would require lab practical training of two hours per week throughout the semester i.e. 32 hours in one semester.
University / Registration fee: 6,000/- (non-refundable)
The Student will have to take these courses, whenever offered.
Examination department will issue Course Certificate and a separate credit hour Transcript to the successful students.

Career Opportunities

Medical technology is the fastest growing field with highest employment placements both nationally and internationally. Certification courses in Medical Technology enhance student’s technical skills by exposing students to the diagnostic environment, and assisting them to develop professional skills in hospitals and laboratories


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